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Make Money Online With Elton John?!?!?

September 12, 2014 in General Online Business

“And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind” Elton John

A “candle in the wind”… What a beautiful phrase! A while back I listened to “Candle In The Wind” over and over because it has such a haunting melody and it struck a nerve with me. I loved the picture it painted on the canvas of my mind!

Stop what you are doing for just a moment and just picture in your mind a candle blowing in the wind. What does that look like? Well, if the wind is calm the flame is burning bright and steady. A little wind makes the flame jump around. A large gust of wind will blow the candle out!

There are so many ways I could use that analogy to demonstrate important lessons. If you will bear with me for just a minute, I would like to apply that analogy to our marketing efforts and our online endeavors!

Okay, now I want you to form another picture in your mind. YOU are the candle and the wind is all the “noise” around you. The noise is typically any distraction that affects your online efforts. It could include new products that will, supposedly, make you tons of money, your jumping from one thing to another, your procrastination, your information overload, etc.

Our flames are calm when there is not a lot to distract us. We are able to focus and concentrate; then along comes an email advertising the newest product everybody is promoting. It’s slick… it’s shiny… it looks like just the thing to take you to a whole new level of wealth. It sounds SO easy to do and the cost of this magnificent product is so low that it might as well be free! You click thorough to the sales page to see what this wonderful product can do and OHHHHHHHH, what fantastic copy they have written! The sales copy says that it will do THIS and once you get finished completing the setup it will do THAT. O… M… G… Now your mind starts wandering off in another direction and now you are just like Ralphie in “The Christmas Story” and the Red Ryder BB Gun. You are fixated on that one THING and you start imagining what you are going to do with all that money you are, supposedly, going to make. So you stop whatever it is you are doing and you immediately purchase this “Holy Grail Of Online Income” for $97! No problem… you will make that $97 back one-hundred times over because that is what the sales copy said and everyone knows that you can’t lie in your sales copy!

… your candle flame starts flickering

You stop whatever you are doing and you start on this wonderful, fantastic, outstanding new product and you KNOW that you are headed to the pinnacle of pinnacles… the $3,000 a day level! But guess what? I think Ralphie in the Christmas Story says it best… “Oh, life is like that. Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it’s zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.” SOMETHING BRAND NEW HAS JUST COME OUT!!! OH… MY… GOODNESS… This THING looks ten times better than the THING you are working on now!

… strong winds are making your candle flame dance wildly

Then SOMETHING new comes along again… and again… and again… and again! At this point you are frustrated because nothing is working. You are angry because those internet marketers made you buy all this stuff and your money is now running low. You don’t know how on earth you are going to pay the bills this month. You start to procrastinate because nothing is working anyway. Your mind is overloaded with all this information; at least from the THINGS you DID use. Most of that STUFF you bought is just sitting on your computer. You have always had plans to use it at some time in the future. You just kept putting it off and putting it off! You feel numb and you just don’t have the motivation to do anything. Finally, you decide that nothing works and there is no way anyone is making money online and all those products are a rip-off and you have wasted all those days, months and years and all your bills have stacked up and there is no money and what will you eat and… and… and…

… and the wind has blown out the flame on your candle.

Now you decide that you have to get a minimum-wage job so you can have some consistent money coming in! How sad! How very sad! You have given up the dreams that you had so long ago when you started online marketing. What happened? Where did you go wrong? Was it all just a waste of time and money” No, it wasn’t a waste!

Think of all the things you have learned. Think of all the people you have met. Think of all the resources you have on your computer. You have a lot of things going for you and you just need to stop shotgunning your marketing efforts and start focusing on whatever it is you want to do.

How long have you been trying to make money online? Every time you started on something new without completing the project you were previously working on you delayed your success just that much longer. I am willing to bet that some of you have delayed your success for YEARS! If only you had finished what you had started. If only you had focused on your previous product. If only you had quit spending so much money on STUFF. If only… if only… if only…

Procrastination, information overload, lack of focus, jumping from one thing to another, etc. All these are are bad habits and you can change your bad habits into good habits. You really can! BUT you are the only one who can make those changes. YOU just need to start working on your project. YOU need to focus on what you are doing. YOU need to stay with your project no matter what new products come out. YOU are the only one that can make the necessary changes in your life… YOU!

At Online Business Insiders our mission is to help you in whatever way we can. We WANT you to succeed and we have a panel of experts that are there to answer YOUR questions. If we need to start an accountability thread then we will do so. I certainly don’t mind meeting you online to discuss what progress you have made. It’s YOUR decision… it’s YOUR time… IT’S YOUR LIFE! What are you going to do with it?

At Private Label Writers our mission is to provide the very best private label rights articles and reports to marketers. Sid Hale, Elmer Hurlstone and I are also internet marketers so we know what you want and need to be successful! You can rest assured that you are getting the best PLR and it is all original. We don’t sell PLR from other sites!


“And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did ” Elton John

As usual we encourage you to send us any comments, feedback or opinions to admin@onlinebusinessinsiders.com or admin@privatelabelwriters.com. Sending an email to either one of those addresses will send the email to Sid, Elmer and myself!

For Sid Hale, Elmer Hurlstone, all our experts and moderators in OBI and myself, I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you for being our friends. We honestly appreciate you!


Chris W Sutton
Online Business Insiders
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If you have been struggling to start a successful internet business then here are resources we HIGHLY recommend…

1. Online Business Insiders

2. Private Label Writers

3. Unplugged and Making Money Workshop  (use the coupon code obispecial to get a 30% discount)


Save Money With IM Coupons!

September 6, 2014 in Product Creation

Coupons are everywhere. Your newspaper is full of them. They stuff your mailbox and they’re printed on cash register receipts. Run out for a pizza and a coupon will be taped to the box. You can’t get away from them. but that’s OK.

Used properly they’ll save you money on more than a bottle of headache relief pills or your next pizza. They can even save you money on information products.

Even better, you won’t have to sit at the kitchen table with with a pile of papers and a scissors.

IM coupons usually require only copying and pasting a bit of text into a block on an order form. Easy, huh?

Here’s an example. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts and emails we like Kevin Riley’s newest product, “Unplugged and Making Money Workshop.” We believe it will be useful to marketers. Particularly beginning and intermediate online entrepreneurs. That said, regardless of your current business situation controlling cost is critical to your bottom line. The less you spend, the more you keep.

That’s where we get back to coupon codes, promo codes, discount coupons or product price discounts by whatever name. Here’s how to use our Unplugged and Making Money Workshop Coupon Code.

unplugged before after At just after noon today the regular price for “Unplugged” was $50.50. (Remember, this is a “fire sale” and the price increases with every five units sold)

The price is shown at the upper right corner of the left screen shot.

But, after you enter your email address in Step #1 Delivery… and your “obispecial” Coupon Code in the box titled Step #2 Delivery your price recalculates to $35.35 saving you 30%.

Remember, although the regular price of Unplugged and Making Money Workshop will change by using our “obispecial” Coupon Code you will get your 30% discount off the regular price.

What’s an IM Firesale?

September 3, 2014 in General Online Business

In the pre-internet commercial world a “Fire Sale” had a completely different meaning than it carries in the online marketing arena. Back then—actually not that long ago—if you saw the words “fire sale” on an ad you’d figure the advertising firm had experienced a calamity. You’d see it as an opportunity to buy something that may have suffered minor damage from smoke or water while the fire fighters were extinguishing flames in the business or an adjacent business.

Well, in the online business world the term has an opposite connotation. Indeed digital goods offered via a “fire sale” will not be damaged by smoke, flame or even stray electrons. They will be, in most cases, brand new, initial release products.
Another major difference is, in a traditional sale prices are substantially reduced and stay at that sale price or are reduced further until the damaged stock is gone. IM fire sale products start at a relatively low price and the price is increased incrementally until the desired selling price is reached.

A recent example is Kevin Riley’s “Unplugged and Making Money Workshop.” The product went on sale on September 1, 2014 at $45.00. With each five sales the price increases fifty cents, and will continue to do so until the desired selling price of $99.00 is attained.

From the traditional perspective that’s weird. But it is what it is. And besides, who said online marketing is traditional?

The thing to do, obviously, when you’re buying an IM product using the fire sale model is get in quick. The earlier you buy, the less it costs you.

Enough said about that except if you’d like to watch such a sale in progress check out our two previous posts on this blog.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the value of online coupon codes.

Squidoo is Kaput; What’s Next for You?

September 2, 2014 in Product Creation

The decline and demise of Squidoo saw many affiliate marketers kicked to the side of the information super highway. Too many were relying on the power of a platform they neither owned or had complete control of. The two hardest-learned lessons of this recent catastrophe are don’t put all your eggs in one basket and you cannot depend on things you don’t own and control.

Owning and controlling your internet real estate doesn’t require a major investment. You decide on a domain name and, if it’s available, buy it. You then find a good web hosting company and purchase hosting. Now you have a reasonable amount of control over your online presence.

You then use your site to either promote someone else’s products as an affiliate or, even better, your own digital product.

For a quick example, if you’re passionate about decorating or Edsel automobiles, or any other of a million possibilities, you can dedicate your site to the other web users who share your interest. Regardless of what floats your boat there are likely others needing information on it.

But, perhaps you’re not sure how to develop a digital product? Not a problem.
Our friend, Kevin Riley, has been writing and marketing online for years. Kevin is also one those all too rare people who can not only do but teach you, not only what to do, but how to do it.

Kevin has just released his “Unplugged and making Money Workshop.” The one hour and fifty-one minute video is accompanied by a two hundred page well illustrated PDF eBook that shows you, step-by-step, how to create, package and market your own digital information product.

To discover more click this link: Unplugged and Making Money Workshop

Watch the video, click on the sales page for full details. When you buy make sure you use the coupon code detailed in the next paragraph!

You can save 30% on the current price by using this unique coupon code Kevin is offering OBI members: “obispecial” (Without the quotes, of course.)

As always Kevin offers a money back guarantee which removes financial risk to you on your purchase of “Unplugged and Making Money.”


OBI may receive sales commissions or referral fees if you purchase products via links we include in our posts.


Oil Well or Gas Station?

September 1, 2014 in Product Creation

Given the choice, which would you prefer to own? With the station you’ll have lots of folks come by and put varying amounts of fuel in their vehicles. Five bucks, ten dollars and, sometimes, a fill-up with premium in a large SUV for big bucks. Now you’re talking!

On the other hand if you own the oil well you’re filling up the gas station and not only one of them. And, even better, you continue to do so for years.

That’s the difference between affiliate marketing—read “gas station”—and producing your own product—read “oil well”.

In less than a half hour Unplugged and Making Money goes live.

With our exclusive 30% Off Coupon Code you will save money over the current fire-sale price. Whatever it may be.

Coupon Code: “obispecial”  (Without the quotes.)  :)


Build Your Own IM Product

August 31, 2014 in Product Creation

Owning and operating your own online publishing business can be both extremely frustrating and extremely rewarding. Sometimes both in the same day. It is not for the faint of heart.

Most of us come into the business due to dissatisfaction with some aspect of our lives. It may be job burnout. Or worse, no job due to a layoff and a soft job market in your field or area. Some because of an unquenchable desire for change.

Whatever the reason you’re either here now or exploring possibilities. If you’re like most folks entering this sphere you start off by buying an IM product or two. You peruse forums and read or scan everything that appears on your monitor. After a while you decide to try affiliate marketing. It can’t be all that hard, can it?

Well it’s harder than you first thought but by persevering you make a few sales and bring in some dollars. You start thinking that since you’ve had some success perhaps it’s time to create and sell your method, secret or system. But, and you knew this, the field is crowded and success is not guaranteed. Not much in life is.

Lets go back to to before you entered online marketing. You did something else. You may have had, or still have, a hobby in which you’re avidly interested.

First, looking at your current business, trade or profession. There are probably useful things you know that others, doing the same thing, don’t know. Things they could profit from. A case in point. When my daughter’s Trailblazer developed shifting problems a few years ago I searched high and low for an affordable fix. Not being able to find even a glimmer of hope online I, in desperation, called the family-owned transmission shop I’ve used for years. They told me, based on what I told them, it looked like a common problem and they could repair it fairly quickly and inexpensively. After hauling the SUV to them they repaired it for about fifty dollars. Cheapest transmission repair ever.

The repair they made was not sophisticated and did not require special tools. It was something I could have done in my driveway. Of course having a lift made it easier, safer and quicker. The point is, if I could have found out, online, of an information product that detailed the repair I would have purchased it.

Now you may not know much about repairing transmissions–most of us don’t–but you probably know something that people would be glad to pay you for.

The best thing about the internet is you can generally find others that share your passions and want to increase their knowledge and, more importantly, are willing to pay for your knowledge.

Whether you’ve been complimented for the beautiful roses you grow, the unique decorative birdhouse you’ve built or a real estate listing-getting system that works well there’s likely  a market for for your properly developed, produced and marketed information product.

Now comes the big question. How do I do this?

One way is to spend hours, days or weeks researching the web for information. This may, or may not, be successful.

The best way is to leverage the knowledge and experience of someone who has, for many years, been successfully and profitably doing what you want to do.

Kevin Riley is one of those people who has the ability to clearly and concisely describe and illustrate  what he teaches. He’s able to communicate verbally and on paper. His new product, the “Unplugged and Making Money Workshop” begins with a one hour and fifty-one minute video through which he takes his process from initial thought to publication of an information product. In addition to the video he also supplies a 200 page ebook in PDF form that further illustrates and expands on the video.

If that’s not enough Kevin also provides a multi-page product template in the .odt file format. This template is usable in Open Office (a free, time tested and widely used office suite).

At OBI we’re not known for promoting products, so why are we promoting the “Unplugged and Making Money Workshop?” It’s simple really. It’s a usable, well thought out and communicated product that will meet your needs if you’re considering creating your own products. We know, like and trust Kevin. He is also an occasional OBI Expert working in the area, not surprisingly, of product creation.

The “Unplugged and Making Money Workshop” will be released on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00 Noon Eastern Daylight Time. It will be marketed as a “fire sale.” This means the price will increase by fifty cents with every five copies sold.

If, after watching Kevin’s introduction video and reading the sales page you decide the product will fit with where you’re taking your online business we will appreciate your purchasing it through our affiliate link. (In the interest of full disclosure, OBI will receive a sales commission on on copies purchased through our affiliate link.)

Kevin was kind enough to provide OBI with a Discount Code which will enable you to save a significant portion of the purchase price.

Shortly before noon tomorrow we’ll post the purchase link and discount code here.



As with all his products Kevin is offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

OBI Helped Ken; What Can We Do for You?

April 22, 2014 in General Online Business

This was written on April 17. 2014 just before 1:00 AM EDT and posted in the General Discussion area of Online Business Insiders by OBI Member Ken Michaels. Ken joined OBI in October, 2012.

We’re reprinting Ken’s post, with his permission.

“I know how hard it is to get people to leave a review … sometimes it appears to be even harder when they do good with something I make. They will tell me how much they like it but getting them to give it to me in writing is tough.

Knowing that … I know I should have done this a lot sooner. I kept meaning to.
But one thing after another and then I would forget for a while.
So OBI experts without any further ado, I sincerely apologize for being a douch :whistle:

Dear OBI members,

A few weeks after OBI opened up I joined. Mostly I because of name recognition.
There was quite a few “experts” I wanted to rub shoulders with and learn something from.

When I joined I already had created a product and was marketing it. Sales were
less then stellar.

I asked asked the experts here what they thought.

They gave me a laundry list of advise.

I applied most of it.

Everything they suggested to me that I applied … worked!

It’s roughly a year and a half later and the product is still selling strong.

and btw … I am not talking about some affiliate super dash.

I am talking about steady organic growth.

I think when I signed up it was 6 or 8 dollars a month. Lets just say 10 to make it easy math.
2 years at 10.00 = $ 240.00 Investment.

I can directly link the advise they provided me to grossing 200k +.

Keep in mind, that is so far.

Since I have a relationship with the buyers they will continue to purchase
different items I create as time goes on.

Pretty darn nice return, don’t ya think?

There ya go. Your long over due OBI review.

For the rest of you who are struggling to find the right path. If you don’t quit
you will find it. Hopefully sooner then later.

Good Luck everybody :)

and never forget … you do deserve success … you really do”

Thanks Ken, we really appreciate your comments. We started OBI to help folks along their online business journey. It’s nice to hear it’s working well for you.



Why Join a Forum…

February 10, 2014 in General Online Business

…is a question we’re often asked.

Since we’re in the marketing forum business it’s question we have to be able to answer. Simply.

Why do you join anything? Church, synagogue, service club, fraternity or sorority, scouts, 4-H, FFA or a motorcycle gang? Shared interests. You wish to hang with like-minded people. Forums meet that need for people who mostly work online—often by themselves.

The only person they see at the water cooler or fridge is their own selves. So, when we—that’s all of us in this large boat: you, me, them—have a question, an idea or just need a friendly face to see and talk to there are forums.

In the marketing business there are many. they range is size from just a few people to thousands of members. Some are niche or product specific. Others very general. Some operate generally and have specific forum areas for more specialized interests.

Some are friendly, others not so much. Some are full of “know-it-alls.” That’s fine as long as the “know-it-all” actually does know what he, or she, is talking about. All too often, though, they don’t and, until corrected by someone more knowledgeable continue to promulgate their ignorance.

At OBI we are friendly, courteous and, for the most part, knowledgeable. When we find out we don’t know something we find someone that does. That’s why we have designated “Experts” in a wide variety of areas. Our Experts have been there, done that and, between them, have a load of tee shirts.

If you’re looking for reliable information, camaraderie and courtesy OBI is your “Ticket”

Here we are at the end of this post and, as you no doubt expected, this is the obligatory link:http://www.onlinebusinessinsiders.com/subscribetoobi/new


Dennis Gaskill Talks About the Online Life

June 8, 2013 in General Online Business

Dennis Gaskill is the Authority Site Expert at Online business Insiders. He was kind enough to take some time from his day and answer a few of our questions.

OBI: How have your offline work activities and experiences helped you online?

Dennis: Most of my offline work has no direct bearing on what I do online. Indirectly though, I’d worked myself into positions of leadership in a few of my offline jobs. That experience helped me to understand that the decisions I make and actions I take do impact other people, sometimes in unexpected ways. I always want my impact, however great or small it may be, to be a positive one.

I was also tasked with writing training manuals in two jobs I’ve held. That experience may have helped me get off to a faster start when I began creating my own products. It gave me experience in researching and organizing information, and to be able to write how-to information in a way that’s (hopefully) easy to understand.

OBI: Are there one or two online activities or tasks you greatly prefer to others?

Dennis: I still love making graphics, and I enjoy writing. Those are my two favorite work-related activities, but it’s a stretch to call either one “work” because I enjoy them both. Getting paid for it is a real blessing, so I always try to give my best.

OBI: What parts of marketing are you least fond of?

Dennis: Probably setting up scripts like membership software and shopping carts. HTML and CSS are easy for me, but the complicated back-end software is difficult because I don’t have to work with it very often, so it’s like learning a new language every time I do.

OBI: How do you balance your online and offline time?

Dennis: Offline time? Is that something new?

Seriously though, this question doesn’t really apply to me very much. My kids are grown and gone. My time is my own. I work when I feel like and don’t work when I don’t feel like it. Having said that, I admit I often put in some very long days working . . . but that’s because I want to, because as I previously stated, it’s a stretch to call it work when I enjoy it as much as I do.

OBI: How has OBI membership and participation helped you work toward reaching your personal goals?

Dennis: I feel very fortunate to have a business that supports my wife and I while many dirt-world stores in my town are struggling or have failed and gone out of business. My primary purpose for being an OBI “expert” was to help people where I can. It’s not for me to say if I’ve achieved that goal, only those I may have helped or may have failed to help can make that determination.

Online Business Insiders (OBI) is a “warm, welcoming and darn helpful” private membership community made up of marketers who are serious in their pursuit of the ever-changing internet marketing environment. They know the methods and systems used to market products and services via the internet are constantly changing. If you would like to discover how OBI may meet your needs and serve your interests please click this link: http://www.onlinebusinessinsiders.com/subscribetoobi/new

Leslie Talks About Herself: An OBI Expert Interview

May 20, 2013 in General Online Business

Recently we posted interviews with several of our OBI members. A few of our members thought it appropriate that some of our experts be granted the same opportunity to talk about their online activities. In a spirit of complete fairness we’ve asked our experts the same questions we put to our participating members.
Leslie “Lady WP”  Bogaerts is our first victim, er, uh, participant.
We hope you enjoy getting to know Leslie.

OBI: How long have you been involved in online marketing and what attracted you to it?


Leslie: I started in April 2008, mostly by accident. I had quit my job the month before, because I wanted to raise my kids myself. My oldest went to kindergarten, he was 3 at that time (kindergarten starts at 2.5 years old here), but due to my work he had to go to before and after school care, making his school days start at 7am and end around 6pm, after which I had to rush to get them fed, bathed and in bed, without being able to enjoy them. That led to two unhappy kids, and one unhappy mother. Once home though, I had hours available for myself when my oldest was in school and my youngest napping, and then the evening when my husband worked the late shift. Having read “make money” blogs before, I stumbled on the concept of blogging, and I started my own, without the idea of really making money from it. I just wanted to do something productive and start a blog about a health condition my husband suffers from. Getting that blog in the top 3 for a good keyword in only three weeks surprised me, and making my first AdSense money from it even more. After that I was hooked and dived into the world of niche blogging. From there I developed into what I am now: a WordPress lover who uses her powers for the good of others 😉


OBI: How have your offline work activities and experiences helped you online?


Leslie: Before I quit my job I was an assistant, working for the government, for a section that helped business promote their activities in other countries. I learned to work under pressure (I believe we were one of the few government offices that actually had deadlines LOL) and keep an organized computer and desk so I would be able to focus on the task at hands. I’m actually quite disorganized in my personal life, so that’s a big thing for me.


OBI: Are there one or two online activities or tasks you greatly prefer to others?


Leslie: Creating a great looking WordPress site (whether it’s for me or my clients) and troubleshooting WordPress problems. The latter because it actually allows me to learn new things from time to time and there is nothing better then learning and evolving, especially when it comes to knowledge related to your business.


OBI: What parts of marketing are you least fond of?


Leslie: Getting out there. I’m actually quite shy around people I don’t know, and contacting people is a big hurdle for me. I’ve learned a lot in the last 5 years, but that is something I’m still struggling with regularly.


OBI: How do you balance your online and offline time?


Leslie: Balance? What’s that? LOL Well, I work around my kids to be honest. They are my number one in everything I do, so when they need me, I’ll be available for them 100%. That means that a basis work day for me looks like this:
4am – waking up to see my husband off to work
5am-7am – my quiet time, get myself ready time (that’s the time I have to actually spend time on myself, whether it’s taking a long hot shower, or reading a book)
7am-8am – waking up the kids and getting them ready for school
8am-10am – housework (without me, you wouldn’t dare to enter this house, I’m sure, my husband seems to be allergic for cleaning ;))
10am-12pm – work time (usually client work)
12pm-1pm – kids are home for lunch
1pm-3.30pm – after seeing the kids off to school for the afternoon I get back to work, usually working for my own projects (ladywp.com, a niche blog, or a new product)
3.30pm-5pm – helping the kids with their homework and getting started for dinner
5pm-6pm – dinnertime
6pm-8pm – depending on what the kids do, I either spend time with them and my husband or if they aren’t “available” I’ll get back to work right away otherwise I start when they go to bed, which is
8pm-…. When I go to bed is a big question. My husband usually not much later then 10pm in the week, but I tend to see 1am before I’m off to bed. Not always though, wouldn’t be beneficial for our married life 😉


OBI: How has OBI membership and participation helped you work toward reaching your personal goals?


Leslie: My personal goal for 2013 has been to establish myself more and more as a WordPress expert besides my small group of IM friends. I want to be one of the leaders out there, with a site that others visit to look for answers to their questions. OBI is helping me with that, as well as helping me keep my focus on that goal.
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